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Airport Transfer

Airport Transfer

Airport Transfer

If you’ve just stepped off a plane, tired and aching from a long flight, there can be no better antidote to your ailments than a Nevaeh hotel airport transfer direct to your destination. We would love to help those who don’t look forward to deciphering foreign public transport maps or haggling with local taxi companies, Nevaeh Boutique Hotel & Spa offers a service that will take you to your destination directly from the airport. Wherever you go, our professional drivers can track your flight and adjust for any delays outside of your control.



Option Type of vehicles Price per trip (USD)
Option 1 4-seater car (1-3 people max) (VND 420,000) $20 USD NET
Option 2 7-seater car (3-5 people max) (VND 530,000) $22 USD NET
Option 3 16-seater van (6-12 people max) (VND 850,000) $35 USD NET
Option 4 25-seater coach (above 12 people) (VND 1.280,000) $55 USD NET


For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us through our hotline: +84 24 6666 6096

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