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My Village Show

My Village Show

My Village Show
 Tour code: HHG.NV.VS.1
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HIGHLIGHT: Immerse in the picturesque Vietnamese village life rendered through the new-circus approach. The bamboo trunk is the spirit of Lang Toi (My Village), which is transformed versatilely combining with the breathtaking acrobatics, stunning juggling and graceful contortion. 20 different exotic folk instruments perform live on the stage. Toured in Europe and Hongkong with more than 300 shows, proudly performed in 2017 APEC CEO Summit. Take a tour around the historic theaters, Hanoi Opera House and Vietnam Tuong Theater




Illustrating delicately the poetic Vietnamese village through its stunning cirque, the cultural show My Village draws viewers to the world of top-notch art creativity, where whoever stepping into will bring home unforgettable memories of the charm of Vietnam.


Be highly appreciated by locals and considered as a precious present for art-lovers to back to the rustic village life and engage themselves in the childhood memories, the world-class spectacle Lang Toi (My Village) bringing truly sensational cultural experiences is a not-to-be-missed thing if one who want to embrace the vivid Vietnamese culture.


The show with its new-circus approach is presented which encompasses many art genres, such as breathtaking cirque, stunning juggling and contortion will take viewers from one surprise to another. Moreover, thanks to the installation arts of My Village, with the mesmerizing sounds from the 20 exotic folk instruments perform live and the enchanting lights on the stage, audiences will be wakened up all their senses to get emotionally fulfilling while experiencing this work of art.


700,000 VND
1,150,000 VND
1,600,000 VND

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